“I AM” Crystalline Quantum Energy Healing Sessions

Alignment with the “I AM” God-Source.

Activation and Upgrade for your “I AM” Crystalline Lightbody

Activiation Codes for Angelic Light Language

Clearing and protection for your Energy fields

Kundalini Activation Codes and removel of negative codes that block the kundalini

William has a unique way to work with The Great “I Am” Presence as Mother Father God and our Personal I Am Presence, connected to Father-Mother Sun and Mother-Father Earth. This is strongly related to the trinity of Father-Mother God and Spirit-Child. He will explain how strongly your parents have an important role in how your consciousness is being programmed and how this is reflected in your relationship with reality. He will give you tools how to transform this energy or consciousness through the power of forgiveness.

Also, the moon plays an important role in the dynamics of our interaction with our Higher-consciousness, consciousness, and subconsciousness. It’s a beautiful system when you have a deep know-how and understanding of how your Divine Reflective System works.

There will be given answers to the main questions of life: Why Am I, Who Am I, What Am I, Where Am I? These answers will give you a realization of Self. Your Main Goal in Life is Self-Realization.

We are now in this time in a crystalline transformational process from a carbon body to a crystalline light body,

The “I AM” Crystalline Kundalini Activation process is an Upgrade of your Lightbody. This Will be activated through Golden Angelic Light Language for Healing & Clearing of your Energy Field. You will learn to live from your Higher Heart as the I Am God-Presence, through Love, light, Grace, Power, and Wisdom. 

The Golden Angelic Light Language used from the God-Source in the session is a language that exists out of Golden Light, Sacred geometry,  symbols, and sounds that have healing, empowering, and activating abilities. 

It gives Enlightenment. Your DNA cells literally will light up! 

Donation is welcome

Refund Policy

Sessions may be rescheduled up to 72 hours before the session at the convenience of William’s availability. In case of absenteeism on your part, the session will be canceled and considered a donation. If you need to cancel you may receive a full refund up to 15 days before. At 14 days your refund will be 50%, and the balance considered a donation. Thank you for trusting, understanding, and supporting William’s work.
We do not Refund Event tickets. It will be considered a donation towards the event costs. Thank you for understanding and supporting the Event.

Beloved Angel, Please know the work that William does with you may include what may feel like intimate moments. You may feel connected in a way that could be confusing to you. Take a bird’s eye look at any emotions you may feel for/with him. These feelings are about your healing process only and the love of and for your God-Self.

Thank you for understanding the work of William as a quantum energy healer.

Much Love, Light & Grace!

William Melchizedek