The Earth Temple

Experience Earth Temple by Karin and Maxim

Karin: a light column and a light sphere are created. Then the flat image becomes three-dimensional. The marked points of the image are given a three-dimensional location in that sphere. When you place a crystal on one of those points, the spiral of light that flows through it from top to bottom changes inflow towards the crystal, causing the energy to shift from the whole. As a result, the energy of that crystal is emphasized and flows along with the whole, giving it a certain effect. This allows the energy of the Earth Temple to be programmed.

Max: so it forms a bed for a crystal grid, enhances the properties of the crystals, and helps to give the whole programming?

Karin: Yes. What is happening is that its energy is pulling in and down, like a vortex going into the Earth. As a result, a grounding and internalization of that energy will take place. And depending on the crystals and the programming of the grid, that’s what gets internalized.

Max: Okay. That is an Earth Temple an appropriate term. And how does that translate into benefits for a participant who is present in the vicinity of the grid?

Karin: The participant connects to the grid so that the internalization can take place in the person himself.

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William exudes patience, ease, and grace and helps his clients and patrons
navigate their way through the illusory worldview presented to them
from birth by sharing his Christed Light and Christ’s Truth.
Each step of our journey with William is lovingly made by following our
Sacred Heart and connecting fully with our I AM presence.

In his inspiring group Q&A’s on Patreon, he allows us the gifts of being
authentic, seen, and heard by like-minded, caring, and compassionate
souls. He cultivates for us the space to grow and learn together and
gather inspiration from one another.
William honors all souls without judgment and helps us to Rise Up and
Trust in this journey. To Surrender and Let Go. To Honour Our Sacred
Hearts and Embody Our Truth. To Trust Unconditionally, ALL that is
happening for us. And he helps us to do all of the above with Grace and Compassion.

“Truth will reveal itself in the perfect moment.“
The depth and the truth of William’s healing work are focused on the
Christed Light within all our Sacred Hearts – the I AM presence. Since
working with him I have found much love for myself and he has helped me
connect deeply to my own Divine presence.
He helps his clients to understand how completely and inherently worthy
of love we all are and to shine our light unapologetically. As a Heyoka
empath, he can see and feel so deeply the blockages we hold within and he
helps us to release and acknowledge all that needs to be let go whilst
holding a safe and non-judgemental space.
“Know Thyself. Thy will be done.“

For ALL that, I AM Grateful.

I am so grateful to have a William Melchizedek original! The energy is amazing. My first experience with this pyramid was in Session with Keleena and Willam. The energy is amplified. William has crafted this unique copper, gold, crystal-infused pyramid to perfection. I love the activated crystal by William and Keleena as well as the powerful sacred geometry of the dodecahedron on top. I know it will get a lot of use for me and for my clients. Thank you for sharing your magic with the world. 💕
Soul Activator, Channel, Energy Healer

Gabriela Voiculescu

William is an amazing soul! Being in his presence and hearing the Light Language that he shares during our online meetings, takes me one step closer to the divine being that I AM. Every time we meet online, I feel blessed to be part of this community. I deeply enjoy the monthly mini-session we have together because it makes me feel calm, and at peace, knowing I am always guided and protected by the Angels, the Masters, and the Source of All Creation. It is such a beautiful balancing of the energy system! I want to thank him for being such a beautiful soul, dedicated to truth, knowledge, and wisdom, helping others to connect to their TRUE SELF. A big thank you from my heart to yours,

Love and light, Gabriela

Marcella Valcheva

Better than Netflix! William’s online Patreon program proved to be a greatly uplifting and genuinely enjoyable experience- especially during lockdown! I’m always amazed by the quality of his content, his dedication to the group experience together with his kind and understanding attitude at all times. His classes are the most inspirational part of my busy corporate schedule, allowing me to put the pen down for a moment and remind myself of what’s universally important before the daily life stirs me up again. Come join us- it’s fun! Marcelle Valcheva

Elizabeth Bieber

It is two days since my session with Keleena and William. I feel that I have been given a new lease on life. For the first time, I feel safe to be in my body and safe to both feel and express these feelings. I am able to be vulnerable and real about what is going on with me, instead of putting on a front. I feel more empowered to see my dreams accomplished because I know the most key component is me being able to be who I am both when I am in front of others and also when I simply am with myself. While perhaps most people have perceived me to be a strong leader and to have my act together prior to this session, it is a relief to know now that I no longer need to pretend I am invincible. I have greater trust in Mother/Father Spirit and know it has my back. I feel confident It goes with me wherever I go. Having a greater sense of Unification with my Source, I now feel emboldened to step forward in some new large endeavors that were on hold, both in the relationship and career areas and to give them my best shot. Thank you Keleena and William for being there in this quite transformative experience that was totally customized specifically for me! My gratitude goes beyond words, but I have done my best to capture some of my feelings about this total make-over here. Much awe that you guys were able to help me, as the scars had gone so deep, but now I believe in the miracle of what love can do.

Jane Andrianova

I’ve worked with William for over a year now by attending the workshops he was a part of and also working with him one-on-one in sessions. He is very in-tune with seeing through the person and sense which areas of the body are experiencing energy blockages. He also senses the thought forms/patterns and what the inner child is feeling. He is also very direct and I like that as that really pushes me to work harder on things and get right to the point. I always wanted to have a divine masculine mentor who could help me develop my own inner masculine and help me heal that part of me. He really makes me see things the way they are, things I’ve known but didn’t want to bring to the surface. He kind of gives you that push to finally address those things and helps to do that during the session. Also, he helped me to understand things from a male perspective in my own twin flame process. Additionally, I really love the grounding/energy clearing exercises he does during the sessions as they are so powerful. I always feel more connected, more in the “I am” presence and in my heart after those clearings. He also taught me some of the affirmations that I use on a daily basis now and they help me to tune into myself and into the “I am” presence. I am really grateful to have William as part of my team and to guide me through my process.

Amy Thomson

I had a 1-1 session with William this week, which was a transformative experience. I now feel lighter, connected to Father god/mother goddess, spirit, my inner child, and grounded. William works with the Archangels and beings of light and took me through a powerful magical process, opened doors, and cleared the way for my I AM presence. I had so many lightbulb moments and could feel myself becoming aligned with source. I can’t stop smiling! I am now able to connect directly to source energy without the interference I used to experience .. harmony within, a sense of space, peace, a calmness, which I will continue to work/discipline myself to maintain. Past trauma and misconceptions I was holding in my fields/chakras have been acknowledged and released! William is all-accepting, warm, and easy to speak to. I recall experiencing an instant trust feeling safe and relaxed working with him. I even called him Michael! As he carries the vibration of Archangel Michael.

I am blessed and eternally grateful!

Thank you, William, much love, light & grace, Amy Thomson from Scotland

Dinan Ra

“William Melchizedek: there are no words to really describe my experience in working with him. I went to him in an effort to find and uncover more of myself; the real me underneath all the masks we are all conditioned to wear. And I was not disappointed.
He is a kind and caring soul who has the ability to meet you exactly where you are while simultaneously holding and seeing a higher vision of you at the same time. This gives him the unique ability to explain complicated emotions and their effect on you in a way that you can understand as well as digest and process on a very deep level.
Couple that with his connection to Source and beautifully powerful benevolent energies and I was in for quite a ride. I didn’t expect all that happened in our session to happen and I am profoundly humbled at the experience. If you feel the least bit called to work with him, do yourself a favor and give yourself that gift. It will change you in such a beautiful way.”

“Thank you, William.” ~ Dinan R


My session with William was really amazing. I went in not quite knowing what to think or how it was going to go. He made it feel like I was talking to a best friend as if we had known each other for years, which for me, made it easier to open up quite faster than I normally would. He broke down concepts that were at first quite hard to digest, then with patience, I could gradually understand, then with the help of the video, really get to grips with, them in my own meditation practices and day-to-day life.

He really helped me understand the core of what I was not integrating, and how to start the process of integration. Over the past couple of weeks, I have felt more connected to the Divine Masculine, and I will continue to practice these techniques.

The healing work was awesome. He taught me some new ways to connect with Arch Angels that I thought, I was not able to do. It turns out I can do it. Over and over and over again. As many times as I wanted to do it as well.

I highly recommend anyone to go to William. He takes his time and really gets to the root of the issue whilst explaining the Spiritual diagnosis to really understand what has been going on over all the years. I cannot be more thankful


“I have worked with Keleena for over a year (and now Yeshayah, as well). It began with a 1:1 session via Skype, and then my attendance at the Sedona Sisterhood of the Rose in April 2019, and then Mt. Shasta in August 2019.”

“I have been on the spiritual path (in a committed and consistent form) for the better part of thirteen years. In this capacity, I have worked with people of all types, spanning all forms of healing and other modalities. While most served their purpose and brought forth healing of some sort, none have brought forth the deep and profound healing that Keleena is able to do. Now, in conjunction with Yeshayah, their combined energy is that much stronger to bring forth what is needed.”

“I know few-to-no people who have walked away from an event feeling anything but profoundly and permanently changed. Each of the sisters in the April Sisterhood of the Rose (we all keep in touch) advises that she has had extreme life changes since our initiation. In Mt. Shasta, as a combination of the various healing we were doing and a scheduled 1:1 session, I was able to release pain/trauma so profound and intense that it had crippled me emotionally and left me fearful I would not remain on earth to complete my mission.”

“If you are considering working with Keleena, I highly recommend it. She and Yeshayah will get to the root of your issues and help clear the blockages that are ready to be released so that you can live your highest, most productive, joyful life, as you pursue your mission. I find their group events to be even more profound in certain respects, as each person in attendance brings forth a piece of the puzzle. You will not regret your decision.”

Stephanie, Sedona Sisters of the Rose Retreat & Mount Shasta Events, USA