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Ascension Meditation

During meditation you go with your soul on a journey to Etheric Orders here on earth and further into the universe, for example to the melchizedek worlds or ascendington, a paradise world of the Havona paradise system. We receive energies and blessings there that we take back to earth to manifest heaven on earth. We are all star gates for these divine energies through our merkaba(The lightbody). If we make ourselves available and surrender to the divine will and the divine beings that we are ourselves, we will enter the kingdom of god that Isa (Jesus) has spoken about. There will be room for questions and explanation, information and practical tips will be given that you can apply in your daily life.

The meditation opens the meridians and acts directly on blockages and pressure points. Divine vital energy flows through the meridians after the meditation, so that your body and mind are cleansed.

Feel the love and the Light of your Divine I Am Precence.

I would like to meet you in your heart to receive my guidance.

Email: williammelchizedek@hotmail.com

Namaste, Yeshayah Sanandanada Melchizedek