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Divine Vitality
The Melchizedek Sun

The Melchizedek sun is the source of Divine Vitality or Divine Life Force.

"Father/Mother God/Goddess/Spirit"

"The I Am Presence"

A short explanation of the Divine Symbol:

The Hexagram is a Mandala which is called as satkona yantra or sadkona yantra found in ancient Indian Temples that were built thousands of years ago. It is the symbol of the heart chakra. It symbolizes the nara-narayana, or the perfect meditative state or balance achieved by man and God, and if one maintains this state of consciousness, the result is "moksha" or "nirvana", free from the bondage to earthly existence as we know it here.

A Circle with a center symbolically represents a Sun, and a circle is an infinite movement, feminine, feeling, grace, energy, consciousness. The straight lines represent beginning and ending movements, masculine, The will, love, the knowing, the thoughts. It is the union of the masculine and feminine, above and below, heaven and earth, The Holy Marriage.

The star has six points where an invisible seventh (the center) represents spiritual transformation. This is reflected in the inner eye.

The Yin Yang symbol represents the Ecstatic dance of the Divine Father and the Divine Mother within the Hexagram.

The white rose that is formed by the six hearts symbolizes the love that The Divine Father and The Divine Mother feel for each other, radiate and experience eternally.

The Hexagram also represents the eternally outward radiating love light, the infinite spirit, The Divine child, Spirit, Unity consciousness, Christ consciousness or Melchizedek consciousness.

It is the Vital Divine life energy, love energy, grace energy, Divine intelligence and consciousness that the primal source of All that is. The "I Am" Light!

Feel the love, light & compassion or your Divine I Am Presence.


I Am Will I Am

Yeshayah Sanandanada Melchizedek