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Crystaline Lightbody & Kundalini Activating Ascension Workshop

Crystalline Lightbody & Kundalini Activating Ascension Workshop

Join us Saturday 7, March, from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM in Bussum for one powerful full-day activating event as Keleena Malnar voluntarily works with William Yeshayah Melchizedek on this spectacular day. On this day, they will work together to enable you to move forward in your ascension process to finding your freedom and your true self.

Keleena & William will be working through their sacred hearts, activating their golden kundalini energy to work with yours at different levels. There will be Light Language DNA keycode activations specific for each individual for purification, healing, and heart coherence.

Higher Lightbody activation for each individual's specific level will be conducted. This assists your process of ascension by integrating the mental, emotional & physical body with your higher self.

The keycode activations will expand your light through the DNA at the cellular level to allow expansion and growth for your progression. These activations assist you in merging of your higher self, activating your abilities, your particular reason for being here, and will also open any dormant codes for each person at different levels of healing.

Both Keleena & William are Divine Multidimensional Quantum Energy Healers and International Ascension Facilitators. Keleena is also a Light Language Keycode DNA Activator and William, a higher Lightbody Activator. As divine healers, Keleena and William combine all the healing modalities they have acquired in many lifetimes, creating new forms of healing now. All they have embodied as Kumaras, Magdalene, and Melchizedek come forth fully for each individual's specific needs on this day.


If you have a chance to attend any of their workshops, or can find a way just to make it happen please, trust the universe, trust yourself and show up for yourself. It is very much worth the adventure, and I hope I will encounter many more special moments like this again too. ~Sabrina Khanji

If you are being called to attend this life shifting workshop, even if you have no clue on how you will get there, don t think just follow your heart as it knows best. The circumstances will be in your favor and will lead you back home. Jess

I cannot highly recommend Keleena enough. You need to trust your own heart and higher self and if you feel drawn to working with her or attending her retreats, then I can guarantee you will be gifted with greeting the many treasures that already lie within you but haven t realized existed until now. Dr. Alexandra Dent, United Kingdom

Seating Is Limited. Please know all of Keleena & Williams events sell out quickly.

No children under 18 or pets allowed.

~Please note there are no refunds, your payment is kindly considered a donation for this event. Thank you!

Please bring a packed lunch and water.

The location provided after booking.

Registration Ends February 29th.

Energy Exchange: 222 euro PP.