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Quantum energy Healing/Transformation & Ascension Guidance

Quantum, what does it mean? The term quantum is a description of the smallest natural particle that occurs in our cosmos. A photon is an example of a light quantum. Our bodies and our reality consists of light also called photons. This can be called as the quantum field.

The quantum field is driven by consciousness, also called the one infinite consciousness that IS God/dess/Spirit. For It IS the center of all things and present in every particle that makes up our immeasurable universes in multidimensional and parallel realities.

This consciousness consists of three forms of consciousness from which the quantum reality is constructed, and thus also our reality in the here and now here on earth in this universe.

Through our consciousness we create through thought our reality that is driven mainly for 95% by our subconscious and 5% our personal consciousness. We project these through our chakra system into our quantum reality.

For example, there is a superconscious mind, personal consciousness, and subconscious mind that is projected onto personalities consciousness in front of us.

From here unconscious energy forms arise as personalities in our unconscious quantum field that cause suffering consciously and unconsciously. This is often unprocessed sadness that consists of negative energy forms being transformed. Quantum healing makes them aware and transforms it to the higher superconsciousness. As a result, these will no longer have any negative influences on our reality. If we do not transform it, this form of awareness will continue to return in our reality.

Through the guidance of the ascension coach you will learn to live from your higher heart through true love, power and wisdom. The process is a transformation process from a human being to a angelic human being.

Quantum energy healing does not replace medical care and/or medication, but does support every therapy and the natural healing process.

Energy Exchange: 222 euro a hour.

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Namaste, William Melchizedek