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TwinFlame Session Brother To Brother

Calling all Divine Masculine Twin Flames. William has been through the Twin Flame to Twin Ray Ascension process experience for 30+ years. He is now in Union with his Twin and is able to assist you at any level of the process you are in. He is also a Multidimensional quantum energy healer and light language activator which enables him to provide healing in your session as well as answer questions and give you guidance. For private Brotherly Twin Ascension guidance and healing sessions with a masculine that understands other masculines needs book a Session Special Brother to Brother One hour sessions for 111 euro.
(Regular price one hour 222) Savings of 111!

Or 5 One Hour Zoom Sessions package
Twin Flame Guidance & Quantum Energy Healing With William
Energy Exchange: 473 Euro

New 13 min session

Alignment, Activation and clearing.
Energy Exchange: 55 euro


5 One Hour Zoom Sessions
Ascension Guidance & Quantum Energy Healing With William
Energy Exchange: 777 Euro

Ascension Guidance & Quantum Energy Healing

Through the guidance of the ascension guide you will learn to live from your higher heart through true love, power and wisdom. The process is a transformation process from a human being to a angelic human being.

Energy Exchange: 222 euro a hour.

2 Hour Ascension
Sacred heart & Twin Flame to Twin Ray Session
With William & Keleena

This full TWO-HOUR session is for those of you who seek in-depth assistance in moving forward on your ascension path. If you feel you are struggling in your day-to-day ascension experience, this session is for you. William will be stepping up on a voluntary basis to assist Keleena.

Energy Exchange: 333 euro for 2 hour.

Feel the love, the Light, and compassion of your Divine I Am Precence.

I would like to meet you in your heart to recieve my guidance.

Email: williammelchizedek@hotmail.com

Namaste, William Melchizedek