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The Lichtbody

The Lightbody

The Merkaba, also called the Lightbody, can be read as a Spiritual-material shell, the Holy Grail - also called the physical vehicle - of the Holy Spirit / Spirit.

Below a piece of text about the Merkaba:

The Mer-Ka-Ba is a crystalline energy field that unites specific geometric shapes and that surrounds the human body has a diameter of 18 meters.

When you activate this Mer-Ka-Ba then a deeper contact with your higher self is created, it protects you when planet goes through the point of transformation and it gives you more power in every area of your life. You'll be better at it be able to heal others and yourself. And most importantly, it will make a intimate connection with God again.

It is linked to our way of breathing. Conscious breathing is a way to fill our bodies with light. And activate energy fields of light.

These energy fields rotated at the speed of light around our body. It is called a Mer-Ka-Ba and its applications in this Reality of existence are limitless. It gives a more extensive knowledge of who we really are, it connects us with higher levels of consciousness and restores us memory for the infinite possibilities of our Being.

It has the shape as a "flying saucer". The word Mer-Ka-Ba is made up of three smaller words namely Mer = Light, Ka = spirit and Ba = Body

The Mer-Ka-Ba is an oppositely rotating light field that influences the mind and the body simultaneously.

It is a vehicle that can bring mind and body (or image of reality) from one world to another. Or from one dimension to the other. And actually the Mer-Ka-Ba is much more than just this, because it is also can create realities as well as move through realities.

Love is the secret. There is at least one other factor that is even more important than the Mer-Ka-Ba and that is the knowledge and the insight and experience of Divine Love.

Picture Merkaba!

In Egyptian, Mer refers to a specific species in the same space against each other in rotating fields of light, Ka to the individual spirit and Ba to the body and physical reality.

Merkabas are a set of rotating spirals against each other, with the shape of a tetrahedron. A spiral, the positive electric, turns clockwise from the Source the life force to manifestation, while the other, the negative magnetic, counterclockwise in the life force, flows back to the Source to be renewed become.

"The Inhalation and Exhalation of God."

There are many brandabas at the different levels of manifestation.

In our development process we are activating more and more brandabas from a higher dimension of our being.

The lightbody is the whole body, not just the physical, but also the emotional, the mental and the etheric body. To deal with this consciously is becoming more important because emotional power of thought, through the increasing vibrations of energy, manifests itself ever faster. After all, it is not pleasant to be with you be confronted with unconscious unwanted creations, if you don't understand that message.

The energy of the Holy Spirit is a wonderful energy that resists and / or blockages of the throat chakra can be released. It is a gift to release all bitter swallowed words, and being able to communicate with each other from honesty, from genuine Forgiveness! Only then do we understand how important and beneficial is the exercise of Forgiveness for our Self. After all, we can only forgive others if we are able to use our Self to forgive! Through understanding, understanding, compassion and forgiveness, we can release the energy that has been locked in. If we have this, in our body transforming fixed energy, knowing that we really are not a physical being but a light being, we stop the identification of the physical from which all the suffering of losing and the idea that it never comes back comes from. Know that everything that is physical is also eternally present in the spiritual-material world.

As we now know, or are supposed to know, man is an electronic being; otherwise one would not electrocardiogram, mapping the electrical phenomena that occur with each heartbeat. Metatron, the highest-placed archangel, is the designer of the physical vehicle that most people still use identify.

Metatron is also the carrier of a lightning bolt. In my opinion, this is a reference to the Electron from which All That Lives originated. A frequently consulted reference library gives the following definition: an electron is one of the elementary particles, it is the lightest particle with an electrical charge. The cool scientific description gets a spiritual one character if we describe the lightest part as the most Enlightened part.

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