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The Melchizedeks are the first order of divine Children who are close enough to the lower created life forms to be able to function direct in the service of the uplifting of mortals, and to be able to serve the evolutionary races without forced to incarnate. These Children are naturally halfway up the great descending series of personalities, because Originally they are roughly in the middle between the highest Deity and the lowest created life forms that are endowed with will. Thus they become natural intermediaries between the higher, divine levels of living existence and the lower, even material forms of life on the evolutionary worlds. The seraphic orders, the angels, enjoy working together with the Melchizedeks; in fact, all forms of intelligent life in these Children find compassionate friends, sympathetic teachers, and wise advisers.

The Melchizedeks are an order that controls itself. With this exceptional group we see the first attempt at self-determination from the side of beings of the local universe and also the highest form of true self-government. These Children organize their own governing apparatus for their group and for their home planet, as well as for the six connected and related worlds support. And we must mention that they have never abused their prerogatives; never have this one Melchizedek-Children, even somewhere in the superuniverse Orvonton, put their trust in them to shame. Hope is on them established of every group in the universe that strives for self-government; they form the pattern of self-government for all worlds of Nebadon and teach this too. Intelligent beings of all orders, both their superiors and their subordinates undivided in their praise for the governance of the Melchizedeks.

The Melchizedek order of sons and daughters holds the position and bears the responsibility of the eldest Child in a large family. The work of this order is largely permanent and somewhat routine in nature, but many do it voluntarily and they have fully imposed themselves. Most of the special meetings that are held from time to time at Salvington become convened on the initiative of the Melchizedeks. On their own initiative, these Children cross the universe from which they came. They have an autonomous organization that acts as an intelligence service in the universe and reports periodically to the Creative Child, apart from all other information that reaches the headquarters of the universe through the normal bodies that deal with the routine administration of the area concerned. They are naturally unbiased observers; they enjoy it to the full trust of the intelligent beings of all classes.

The Melchizedeks act as traveling, advisory revision courts in their areas; these universe Children go in small groups to the worlds to serve there as committees of advice, to hear witness statements, to receive suggestions and as advisers, and in this way they help resolve the main difficulties and serious disagreements to settle from time to time on the affairs of the evolutionary realms.

These oldest Children in a universe are the principal adjutants of the Bright Morning Star in the execution of the mandates of the Creative Child. When a Melchizedek goes to a distant world on behalf of Gabriel, he can go for that special mission delegated as a substitute for the person by whom he is sent, and in this case he will be on the planet of his mission appear with the full authority of the Blinkende Morgenster. This is especially true for those worlds where there is no higher Child appeared in the parable of the creatures of the area concerned.

When a Creator Child begins a bestowal career in an evolutionary world, it goes alone; however, if one of his Paradise colleges, an Avonal Child, undertakes a donation, he is accompanied by the twelve Melchizedek companions that contribute so effectively to the success of the self-donation mission. They also support the Paradise Avonals with them magisterial missions to inhabited worlds, and in these missions the Melchizedeks are visible to the eyes of mortals if the Avonal Son is also manifest in this way.

There is no phase of spiritual need on a planet where they are of no service. They are the teachers who very often win entire worlds of advanced life for the ultimate, full recognition of the Creator Child and his Father/Mother on Paradise.

The Melchizedeks are in possession of almost perfect wisdom, but they are not infallible in their judgment. Sometimes when they do alone and on their own on planetary missions, they have wandered in less important matters, that is say, they have chosen to do certain things that were not later approved by their supervisors. By such a A Melchizedek is temporarily disqualified until he goes to Salvington and meets with the Creator Child receives the instruction that adequately cleanses him from the disharmony, as a result of which the disagreement with his fellow colleges was created, and after the correctional rest period is then reinstated on the third day. But such less important ones forms of malfunctioning of a Melchizedek have rarely occurred in Nebadon.

These Sons are not a growing order: their number is stationary, although it is different in every local universe. The number of Melchizedeks registered on their headquarters planet in Nebadon is more than ten million.