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Melchizedek University

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The Melchizedek University consists of 490 worlds. The world called Melchizedek is the pilot world of the salvington circle of 70 primary worlds, all surrounded by six subordinate worlds dedicated to special activities and subordinate 420 worlds. The Melchizedeks inhabit the Melchizedek world close to salvington, the headquarters of the universe. Nebadon ascending beings undergo training on these 490 worlds to gain status as a salvington resident

These 490 worlds of the Salvington circuit are divided into ten groups, each consisting of seven primary and fortytwo subordinate worlds. Each of these groups is under the general supervision of one of the major orders of universe life. The first group, which is formed by the pilot world and the following six primary worlds in the surrounding planetary procession, is under the supervision of the Melchizedeks. These Melchizedek worlds are:

1. the pilot world is the home world of the Melchizedek Children.
2. the world of physical life schools and living energy laboratories.
3. the world of morontia life.
4. living the world of the first spirit.
5. the world of the middle phase of the spirit life.
6. live the world of the advanced spirit.
7. the domain of coordinative, supreme selfrealization.

The six minor worlds of each of these Melchizedek celestial bodies devote themselves to activities that are closely related to the work of the primary world with which they are connected.