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Lady Nada

Lady Nada

'Your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Grail'

My Beloved Twin Ray Sananda, also the higherself of Yeshua(Jesus), was on earth as a soft powerful Divine Man and God/Goddes/Spirit did divine miracles through him. Father/Mother God/Goddes/Spirit was and is trusted in him. We feel his daily care and love for us if your open enough to recieve it. The Holy Spirit whom he is blessed with, gave him the opportunity to witness the truth here on earth as a Divine man. We are Divine humans and we can Speak in Divine languages of light. Yeshua is depicted in the background as a chalice (grail). Your body is your temple, your grail, which is filled with the holy energetic water of the Holy Spirit! It is your light body also your soul body. The soul is the child of Father/Mother God/Goddes/Spirit of All That IS. One with the soul, in this body makes you a Divine Human being or Human Angel on earth.

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