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My session with William was really amazing. I went in not quite knowing what to think or how it was going to go. He made it feel like I was talking to a best friend, as if we had known each other for years, which for me, made it easier to open up quite faster than I normally would. He broke down concepts that were at first quite hard to digest, then with patience, I could gradually understand, then with the help of the video, really get to grips with, in my own meditation practices and day to day life. He really helped understanding the core of what I was not integrating, and how to start the process of integration. Over the past couple of weeks, I have felt more connected to the Divine Masculine, and I will continue to practice these techniques. The healing work was awesome. He taught me some new ways to connect with Arch Angels that I thought, I was not able to do. It turns out I can do it. Over and over and over again. As many times as I wanted to do it as well. I highly recommend anyone to go to William. He takes his time and really gets to the root of the issue whilst explaining the Spiritual diagnosis to really understand what has been going on over all the years. I cannot be more thankful.


"I have worked with Keleena for over a year (and now Yeshayah, as well). It began with a 1:1 session via Skype, and then my attendance at the Sedona Sisterhood of the Rose in April 2019, and then Mt. Shasta in August 2019.

I have been on the spiritual path (in a committed and consistent form) for the better part of thirteen years. In this capacity, I have worked with people of all types, spanning all forms of healing and other modalities. While most served their purpose and brought forth healing of some sort, none have brought forth the deep and profound healing that Keleena is able to do. Now, in conjunction with Yeshayah, their combined energy is that much stronger to bring forth what is needed.

I know few-to-no people who have walked away from an event feeling anything but profoundly and permanently changed. Each of the sisters in the April Sisterhood of the Rose (we all keep in touch) advises that she has had extreme life changes since our initiation. In Mt. Shasta, as a combination of the various healing we were doing and a scheduled 1:1 session, I was able to release pain/trauma so profound and intense that it had crippled me emotionally and left me fearful I would not remain on earth to complete my mission.

If you are considering working with Keleena, I highly recommend it. She and Yeshayah will get to the root of your issues and help clear the blockages that are ready to be released so that you can live your highest, most productive, joyful life, as you pursue your mission. I find their group events to be even more profound in certain respects, as each person in attendance brings forth a piece of the puzzle. You will not regret your decision."

Stephanie, Sedona Sisters of the Rose Retreat & Mount Shasta Events, USA

Sabrina Kanji

"Meeting with Keleena in person and having an in-person session with her, was not something I was expecting to unfold the way it magically did. Little did I know that I was going to have not just Keleena, but also Yeshayah giving me healing and both activating me.

Keleena and I discussed what sits underneath my fear and the clarity with which she helped me see things, suddenly made everything simple and crystal. She also activated me to speak the light language. Keleena exudes love and strength, and the force of her light and goddess energy gives hope to the hopeless and courage to the wavering. She is enigmatic and mesmerizing.

With Yeshayah, It was the feeling of divine fatherly love. Keleena and Yeshaya came together, as one, complementing each other, fitting together and giving me love from both sides. Divine masculine and Divine feminine. Divine Mother and Divine father. And then it became the three of us, as a unit, I think I got to feel, for the very first time in my life, the love of parents & child, in unity. I will say is this; the work that they do, meeting them and spending time with them is powerful beyond words, and it will leave its footprint on your soul for eternity, as it has left its footprints on mine.

If you have a chance to have a session with Keleena & Yeshayah, do not pass this chance up! There is a reason why this opportunity would be presenting itself into your life, and it will give you more than you could possibly have imagined or hoped for. They will open your heart up, in ways that you have been waiting for all of your life. So rise up to its vibration, embrace what is awaiting you, and see what magic unfolds.

And, if you have a chance to attend any of their workshops, or can find a way just to make it happen- please, trust the universe, trust yourself and show up for yourself. It is very much worth the adventure, and I hope I will encounter many more special moments like this again too."

If anyone has any further questions about my experiences of healing with Keleena and Yeshayah, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Sabrina Kanji, In-Person Session, United Kingdom

Jane Andrianova

"I have known Keleena for over two years now and I have attended many of her workshops and had several Skype and in-person sessions over those years, including her Sisters of the Rose workshop. I truly believe her entrance into my life was divinely planned and she became my close friend, my spiritual teacher, my spiritual mother. There were many times when she was the only one I had to share things with and she was there for me all the way, answering my questions, helping me interpret my visions, dreams and guiding me through the ascension process. She always pushed me to the limits and made me look within and find my own answers. She taught me how to live from my heart and how to speak my truth. I would not be where I am without her help and guidance. She also helped me step into who I truly am, a healer, a grid worker, light language and follow my souls calling.

I also had the privilege of working with Keleena and her sacred partner Yeshayah at her latest event in Mount Shasta. It was truly a life-changing experience for me after I had a one on one session with both of them. I knew already how Keleena works with people but Yeshayah brought in that divine masculine guidance and push that I needed to move forward. It was a balance of divine mother/father god working through them. They made me see all my fears and weaknesses and that I have to follow my true souls calling. If I did not trust and listen to both of them, its like I was not listening to myself and I cannot allow this. I have made some real life changing decisions after I came back home from this event, things I have been putting on hold for a while now due to fears and not knowing whats coming next. I received the final push and clarity that I needed.

I am blessed that Keleena was brought into my life again and that I have her guidance and wisdom to continue on my path. I love you both very much."

Jane Andrianova, Sedona Sisters of the Rose & Mount Shasta Event, USA

Dr. Alexandra Dent

"Everything in life is divinely timed. And so it was for my connecting with Keleena at a very significant stage in my spiritual journey. Early 2019, my twin flames higher self was guided to provide Keleenas details to me so that I could learn how to connect more into my sacred heart and bring this into my life and work. Having watched one of Keleenas YouTube videos I was instantly drawn to booking some sessions with her as I felt a true connection with her to my purpose. Again, trusting in Divine timings, the sessions happened at key times in my life as well as that of universal shifts.

Keleena represents pure unconditional love and truth and authenticity and only works with the purest and highest divine guidance. She is exceptionally gifted in so many ways and has an incredible ability to know what you uniquely require for your own individual spiritual growth. Keleena is a very powerful light language activator, channeling many messages from different divine sources to activate your own spiritual growth and development.

Over the period of my sessions, Keleena organized a Sisters of the Rose initiation in Holland (June 2019). I knew instantly that I had to be there and booked a place before my ego could intervene and worry about the travel, costs etc! What an incredibly amazing experience this was, not only to meet Keleena and her wonderful sacred partner, Yeshayah, but I felt so humbled to watch her work with fellow Sisters and Brothers of Light with such grace and beauty. I shed tears of pure joy to be present in her energy and love.

I cannot highly recommend Keleena enough. You need to trust your own heart and higher self and if you feel drawn to working with her or attending her retreats, then I can guarantee you will be gifted with greeting the many treasures that already lie within you but have not realized existed until now."

Dr. Alexandra Dent, United Kingdom

Feel the love, light of your Divine I Am Presence.

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