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2 Hour Ascension or Sacred Partner/Twin Flame Session with Yeshayah & Keleena

This full TWO-HOUR session is for those of you who seek in-depth assistance in moving forward on your ascension path. If you feel you are struggling in your day-to-day ascension experience, this session is for you. William will be stepping up on a voluntary basis to assist Keleena. They will find the root cause of what is stopping your forward progress and will assist you in removing, and healing the root cause. Keycode unlocking and quantum energy healing are performed through light language as Keleena carries key codes within her being to perform this task. They may also activate you for Light Language. Both will also look into your soul for your past life karmic issues and more. This session is for ALL PATHS, teachers, way-showers, healers, twin flames, sacred partners, lightworkers, starseeds, etc. A powerful and transformative experience, this session involves:

Full Body Scan
Quantum Energy Healing
Shamanic Reiki
Isis Healing
Key Code Unlocking
Purification Ascension Unlocking
Healing of All 4 Bodies & Aura Work
Chakra & Energetic Block Clearing
Chakra Tuning, Alignment & Balance
Light Language DNA Activations & Activation to Speak LL
Divine Source & Intuitive Guidance

What to expect: Afterwards, you will feel a tremendous shift. Many clients feel like they are buzzing until they go to bed at night & some days after. Do not be surprised if you have processing, integrating, and other inner work to do afterward. You will be guided on how to do this..

Quantum energy healing does not replace medical care and/or medication, but does support every therapy and the natural healing process.

Energy Exchange: 333 euro for 2 hour.

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Feel the love, the Light, and compassion of your Divine I Am Precence.

I would like to meet you in your heart to recieve my guidance.

Email: williammelchizedek@hotmail.com

Namaste, William Melchizedek