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The Zodiacal Temple of the Earth also called The Earth Temple has the ability to work directly on the subconscious. It activates your subconscious mind. It is like a vortex a universe on itself reflective as the one we live in. We as humans are also vortexes of energy. We create our own universe in a universe. We are channels for the divine energy to download DNA codes into our system from the divine world into this world, to radiate, attract and manifest our highest potential. In this way everyone has their own unique DNA coding and vortex energy.

The origin of the zodiacal temple of the earth is mysterious while the bewildering family of symbols can be found 3500 years ago in places such as Peru, Arizona, Iceland, Crete, India, Egypt and Sumatra. The Technique of the Zodiacal Temple of the Earth is possibly the oldest science of humanity. The deep components of sacred geometry create a deep level of resonance between the consciousness of man and mother earth. With this one can connect with mother earth and make contact with the intelligence of mother earth. The Zodiacal Temple of the Earth is a geometric mandala, and is a model of it universe that mathematically represents the transformation from the 3rd Dimension through the 4th to the 5th Dimension and above. It also unites the mystical models of the Mayan calendar, the kabbalistic tree of life and the I Ching with the DNA codes, the phi-based pentagonal geometry and the movements of the equinoxes. Our small diagram is a complete symbolic model of an interactive universe. The objective magic of this powerful and symbolic construction works directly on our unconscious mind, whether we understand the depth of sacred geometry or not. All this is a light mental and spiritual training and already has an effect if one visualizes the symbolism, looks at it or is present in it with intention, but if it can be made to function on the ground as a labyrinth, the effect is several times stronger.

The EArth Tempel

The Zodiacal Temple of the Earth was created for the healing, transformation and ascension of man and the earth. The difference between every holy place on the earth and the Temple of the earth is the level of consciousness and the conscious intention that comes into the design and has an effect on the land. The Zodiacal Temple of the Earth acts as a mirror for reflection. Certain emotions and feelings that people have are amplified and reflected. The Zodiacal Temple of the Earth is a fantastic, psychological teaching about human processes to manifest the Spiritual world in matter on earth.

When one connects with the Temple, the DNA of the individual is brought into harmony with the elemental patterns of the earth. This is therefore possible if one can let the Temple function as an Labyrinth on Earth as an active energy field. The Temple has a healing effect. This is because your subconscious mind recognizes this when it sees and feels it. The basic number nine is the number of the human unconscious mind. For Gurdjief and the ancient Egyptians, Ennead (a group of nine) was a symbolization of the revelation of the Cosmos and the projection of the DNA program. This evolution can be seen as a series of interdependent forming stamps that lead to a Galactic level of human consciousness. Four of these formative stamps also called chakras are automatically activated. In sensitive people, the following four are consciously activated by the experiences in the course of life. The spiritual forming stamp, the 9th chakra, is randomly activated to see the life of the experiences as an adventure with good and bad times.

We use a simple concept with regard to the development of evolution. This goes as follows: 1st chakra (Security), 2nd chakra (territory), 3rd chakra (intellect), and 4th Chakra (Sociality)

After this the hard development of the ego of the individual stops. The DNA has done its work, the mind is hosted and can now develop itself. From now on the responsibility lies with the consciousness of the individual for the interaction with his own evolution. This interaction starts with the first self-sufficient freedom for pleasure, seen in a chaotic form of teenagers who enjoy going out together. This need is often so strong that it transcends the development of the first three chakras. Addictions to various forms of pleasure, from sexuality to the societal need to consumption, for example drug types, to the rapture of religious practices this results from the abuse of the self-sufficient freedom for pleasure.

Each of the following higher chakras has a direct relationship with a lower one. The fifth chakra, pleasure, is connected with the 1st chakra, safety, etc. This means that the next chakra number 6, psychologically, is connected to chakra number 2, territory. The concept of psychic development is a bit strange until you think about it. Some people just have the gift that if you are confronted with this development, something special happens inside. The most important thing is that we can learn to activate this development ourselves, or it can even be activated by someone else who is currently working on it. The contact between the chakras suggests that the psychic skills are connected to our ability to define our inner and outer limits, it is a special insight.

Intellect, the 3rd chakra is directly connected to the 7th chakra, the mythical. Our intellect gives us the opportunity to analyze our internal and external reality, he analyzes and describes our reality. This is a subtle development. People who have accomplished this development such as Lord Buddha, Lord Jesus, Lord Mohammed, etc. usually begin sharing mythical insights from their personal spiritual path. Our social development the 4th chakra brings us into contact with human relationships, and the development of the 8th chakra, the cosmic consciousness and brings us into contact with the perceptive power of the galactic level. The pursuit of this development at this level is the goal of a Boddhisatva promise.

The final development of the 9th chakra, the spirit or also the inspiration, is connected to all chakras. This one development can just come to the fore as holy grace or, if one of the underlying chakras is serious balance. His actions are mysterious but it is a fact that we all go through it. He keeps the pattern off the road together and functions as a thermostat during the process of evolution.

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