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NEW!!! My Patreon William Melchizedek

I Am Will I Am Melchizedek creates a Path of I Am Love, Light & Grace through Love, Power & Wisdom!
Golden Melchizedek Light Language Blessings & Activations Live Video
Live Q&A`s, Healing & Clearing for 60 minutes & replay
Ascension Practise & Meditation
Alignment Session (One Free 15-minute zoom for specific, Activation, Clearing & Alignment)
Twin Flames to Twin Ray Ascension Process Video.
Discounted Sessions
Patreon is a online community to assist the ascension process of planet earth and the individuals that choose to ascend.

Go To:www.patreon.com/williammelchizedek

New 15 mini session

A Question or Intention, Alignment, Activation and Clearing.
Energy Exchange: 55 euro


5 One Hour Zoom Sessions
Ascension Guidance & Quantum Energy Healing With William
Energy Exchange: 777 Euro

Ascension Guidance & Quantum Energy Healing

Through the guidance of the ascension guide you will learn to live from your higher heart through true love, power and wisdom. The process is a transformation process from a human being to a angelic human being.

Energy Exchange: 222 euro a hour.

2 Hour Ascension
Sacred heart & Twin Flame to Twin Ray Session
With William & Keleena

This full TWO-HOUR session is for those of you who seek in-depth assistance in moving forward on your ascension path. If you feel you are struggling in your day-to-day ascension experience, this session is for you. William will be stepping up on a voluntary basis to assist Keleena.

Energy Exchange: 333 euro for 2 hour.

Feel the love, the Light, and compassion of your Divine I Am Precence.

I would like to meet you in your heart to recieve my guidance.

Email: williammelchizedek@hotmail.com

Namaste, William Melchizedek